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Middle of the Ocean - Drake

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Middle of the Ocean - Drake

作词 : A. Graham/O. Yildirim/N. Cadastre/N. D. Frascona/T. Friedrich/L. Leibfried/K. Gamble/A. Huff/C. Giles/L. L. James/J. Jones/D. Pittman
作曲 : A. Graham/O. Yildirim/N. Cadastre/N. D. Frascona/T. Friedrich/L. Leibfried/K. Gamble/A. Huff/C. Giles/L. L. James/J. Jones/D. Pittman
Yeah (耶)
I'm in the Missoni room at the Byblos (我正在圣特罗佩Byblos酒店Missoni套房)
The boat was rockin' too much on some Aaliyah shit (听的是R&B女神Aaliyah的歌)
For real (讲真)
We goin' from the Vava to Cinq on Cinq, then back to the Vava (从Vava到Cinq 再到Vava)
If you know, you know, baby, I don't, I don't know what to tell you (我不知道如何表达)

Long way from sentimental (哥才没多愁善感)
Meet Thomazzo and Ernesto (刚和Thomazzo与Ernesto碰了面)
Short rigatoni with the pesto (吃通心粉必须配松子青酱)
These verses are my manifesto (歌词就是我的人生宣言)
Hallways got an echo (走廊里回声阵阵)
Me and Smigs on the loose in the city, you know how the rest go (我和Smigs在这儿寻欢作乐 懂得都懂)
Casual sex, I'm like, "**** a dress code" (随便来一发 无视“着装要求”)
The first martini is an espresso (先来一杯意式浓缩充当马提尼)
Chill shot glasses with prosecco (用冷冻过的酒杯品普罗塞克葡萄酒)
Niggas so ignorant in our hood, they be like, "Why thе **** you makin' techno?" (这儿的弟兄太无知 问我为什么还出电子舞曲)
I'm worldwide and this is just another cargo jеt flow, I had to let go (我全球都有生意 刚飞走一架货机)
Life insurance policies, you niggas 'bout to need the gecko (买份人寿保险吧 我推荐壁虎牌)
I got some meaner threats, though (哥提问做过功课 因为有些小人总来威胁)
Me, Spider-Man, and Leonardo, I'm back tomorrow (我 蜘蛛侠 小李子正忙着呢)
I had the chopper to a wedding out in Monaco or Monte Carlo (还得坐私人飞机去摩纳哥蒙特卡洛参加婚礼)
I'm losin' track of where we all go (行程太多 从不过问)
I wouldn't trade my life for none of y'alls, it's an embargo (我才不愿意跟你们交换人生 达咩)
Fifty-nine bags on the 767, this is heavy cargo (一堆行李放在波音767 哥用来当货机)
Fifty-nine bags on the—, ayy (重复一遍 哥用波音767当货机)
Swedish jail cell smellin' like some Carby Musk (瑞典监狱全是我的蜡烛味儿(Carby Musk是Drake蜡烛品牌))
For your birthday, your boyfriend got a party bus (你过生日 你对象给你租个破派对巴士)
Bottle signs, club lines, should've come with us (看看我们派对的酒水 宾客名单 赶紧分了来找我吧)
We left that shit in '09 when we was comin' up (我09年进说唱圈 事业不断上升)
I mean, these just my suggestions of course (哥是过来人 意见你也听一听)
I'm ridin' here fresh off divorce (刚分手不久)
And I'm tryna look in her eyes, maybe express my remorse (想让她看到我眼中的懊悔)
If she want a rebound with me, I'm down to go get her some boards (如果她想和我复合 我会送她上位董事会)
I'm here for the moral support (我正在寻求道义支持)
Whippin' the Vespa off of six tequilas (骑着Vespa驰骋 配点儿龙舌兰酒)
Big Benjamins like the Pittsburgh Steelers (百元大钞铺天盖地收入囊中 就如匹兹堡钢人队)
Drake, you got it (鸭鸭 你懂的)
Robert Kraft sent the jet for us, that shit was patriotic (RK用专机接我们看爱国者队比赛(爱国者队被Robert Kraft拥有 价值大概26亿美元))
You would think we live in Baltimore, the way they ravin' 'bout the latest product (你以为我住在巴尔的摩(美国马里兰州最大城市)别听他们瞎扯)
Teachin' niggas how to mind they business, and my latest stuff (黑子们管好自己吧 也可以蹲蹲我的新专)
Might be the only teacher that gets paid enough (免费教你做人 我还有钱拿)
That's why I'm in Hyde Park buyin' like half of Harrods (哥在(伦敦)海德公园打包了一大半儿奢侈品(Harrods是英国著名奢侈品百货公司))
You niggas are too concerned with makin' sure y'all outfits gon' match in Paris (黑子们没得本事 打卡巴黎景点的时候只在意穿着 好拍照放ins炫耀)
If we don't like you, you payin' tax and tariffs (惹我不高兴了 你还得多掏点关税)
Come to the 6 and I'm like the actin' sheriff, deputy (回多伦多 我好像在出演美剧《副警长》)
First got to America, niggas wouldn't check for me (刚到美国的时候 人们还不认识我)
No chance the kid'll make it here like vasectomy (他们都说我不可能走起 像美国节扎手术一样流行(美国人普遍节扎))
They underestimated my trajectory (他们低估了我的人生轨迹)
But now they gotta pay that shit direct to me (所以要付出相应代价)
I send the label bills, bills, bills like the other two women next to Bey, that shit was just— (我为唱片公司带来大单 就像Beyoncé旁边坐的俩美女(Drake很爱碧局 在I‘m upset中也致敬过))
Independent women is lovin' the new appearance (独立女性都喜欢尝试新外形)
Matter of time before I go net a Bey like a Paris (和碧局联手制作第二个《Apeshit》只是时间问题(碧局和老公Jay-Z在法国卢浮宫拍摄MV 引起轰动))
Like, "Honey, you gotta know that I never wore Mike Amiris or never hopped in a Urus" (宝 你知道我不穿Amiri 从来不开兰博基尼Urus)
I got my head in the clouds, I'm serious (我眼高于顶 说真的)
The lyrics begin to reveal themselves over time periods (这段歌词用来在不同时间段揭露自己)
Promise you'll get that shit when the sky clears (希望一切显现出来的时候 你能明白我)
This shit designed for divine ears (这歌是给高品味的人定制的)
My favorite two words from you white boys is, "Sign here" (很享受你们白人对我的崇拜 “名签在这里”我最爱听)
And then comes the sound of glass clinkin' from a wine cheers (玻璃杯叮当作响 举杯同庆)
Swear I'm pocket checkin' y'all for five years (起初不信任你们)
And then we 'bout to kick this in high gear (现在共同加速前进)
Eight karats like vegetarians, nigga, the earrings are droopy (8克拉大钻坠的我耳朵下垂 就像素食者(营养不良)那样)
Contract Lord of the Rings, think it's a script for the movie (和《指环王》签了合同 还以为是电影剧本)
Shout out TVGUCCI, my cousin is spooky (致敬TVGucci我表亲 脾气有点怪)
I swear you don't even mean what y'all say like y'all dubbin' a movie (你们从不说啥做啥 就像给电影配音一样)
Sidebar, Serena, your husband a groupie (看报纸花絮 你老公是我歌迷)
He claim we don't got a problem but (他声称我们关系挺好)
No, boo, it is like you comin' for sushi (净瞎扯 信这话你不如吃点寿司)
We might pop up on 'em at will like Suzuki (我们随意出现在公众视野 像铃木车一样普遍)
Kawasaki, sushi, saké, the money grow on trees like shiitake (川崎摩托 寿司 清酒 我们的钱像是蘑菇 从树上源源不断长出)
They tried to get spicy with me, so I wonder how they gon' stop me (他们不断惹怒我 黑子们会有什么妙计呢)
I'm really on a roll like hamachi (我像hamachi一样一帆风顺 (hamachi 一款文件传输软件))
The **** would y'all really do without me? (离了我你们能成什么事儿)
For your birthday, your man got a table at Hibachi (你生日 你对象给你弄了个日式烤肉)
Last time I ate there, Wayne was doin' numbers off the cup like Yahtzee (上次和Lil Wayne一起吃 他像玩骰子游戏一样摆弄那儿的杯子)
And Paris Hilton was steady duckin' the paparazzi (帕利斯希尔顿正在乐此不疲地躲避狗仔(Paris Hilton好莱坞名媛 希尔顿酒店继承人))
Quavo might've sent me a song that he called "Versace" (Quavo给我发来他的歌“Versace”(Migos成员之一 R.I.P Takeoff))
I really can't remember it properly (真记不太清了)
All I know is that God got me, I'm sittin' on large properties (我只知道老天眷顾我 让我分一大杯羹)
Treat me like a newborn, Lucian not droppin' me (老板对我如新生儿般照顾 从来没抛弃我(Lucian是环球音乐集团主席))
I'm goin' Pink Floyd, you niggas cannot rock with me (我和PF一起玩儿 黑子们跟我比摇滚?(PF英国著名摇滚乐队))
She could be givin' me head and somehow you not toppin' me (她正在细品我 而你还没超越我)
Niggas see the 6ix God pass, they high fivin' me (他们看见多伦多之神走过 都急着来击掌)
Need to be high sixin' me (至少得给我70万以上年薪吧(high six figures大概指70万到100万年薪))
Swear niggas highkey sick of me (想必黑子们都极其厌烦我)
They wifey on my head 'cause I vibe differently (他们对象都在我这儿卖力 我通通拿下)
Feel like an AMBER Alert the way that I can take her to the mall and she find Tiffany (我好像安珀警戒 带她去商场 直奔蒂芙尼(AMBER Alert 美国失踪人口 广播紧急回应))
I'm like a cup holder the way that these dimes stick to me (我像杯托 牢牢吸住钱)
They should've been in the fountain based on what y'all wishin' me (钱币被投进喷泉池里 你们向我许愿)

Know what I'm sayin'? (懂吗)
Million-dollar spot (Brr, brr) (百万钞票在手)
That's how mother****ers in CMB play it (在陌陌里寻欢作乐(CMB 某社交软件))
Middle of the ocean (Blatt) (沉溺其中)
Just like that (Shine, shine) (就像这样)
All dark fresh green water (在深绿色淡水中)
Land that thing (降落)
With 'bout a hundred hoes (身边美女如云)
We up and we livin' like that, boy (寻欢作乐 这就是生活)
Fresh fly fish like, you understand me, like, real G shit (用假蝇钓鱼 懂吗 这才是狠活)
You hear me? A neighborhood superstar (妥妥的邻家巨星)
It's bigger than anything (太过耀眼)
You know, we start from the bottom, then we come to the top (我们从底层做起 现在是顶流)
Get to the top and we stay up there (当顶流之后就没再殒落过)
You hear me? (Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball) (我就是老大)
We look down and we'll be down, but we stayin' up (登高俯瞰 我们才不会跌落神坛)
And we rise up, we stay on 'em, you heard me? (Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball) (一旦走起 我们就称霸顶端)
Big Florida water, big water ocean (来点儿古龙水(Florida Water类似于中国花露水))
On that type of time (都这会儿了)
You understand me? (懂了吗)
Rich nigga, rich life, you understand me? (哥有钱有品质生活)
Come from the bottom, but we come from the bottom (Rich life) (我们从底层做起)
But we understand the bottom 'cause we come from it (所以深知底层的困苦)
And we live with it (You understand?) (已经习惯了当初)
Go to our grave 'bout this here, boy (Yeah, yeah, yeah) (去看看那时的我们 你就懂了)