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F64 - Ed Sheeran

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F64 - Ed Sheeran

作曲 : Daniel Benson/David Omoregie/Ed Sheeran/Fred Gibson/Jae5/Vata Sonzi
Yo Jam, this is a letter to you (呦 詹姆 这是给你的一封信)
It's been a while, but it's been hard for me to get in the booth (已过许久 但我一直难以进入录音棚)
And since we last spoke, I've become a father of two (上次交谈时 我还没成为两个孩子的父亲)
Trying to live life with a smile but that's been harder to do (试着面带微笑地生活 但这更加困难)
‘Cause all I wanna do is talk about you (因为我所想的 只有谈论你)
But these tears won't let me talk about you (但这些眼泪 却将我阻止)
We should've known that we'd be lost without you (我们早该明白 失去了你 我们将迷失)
Therapy sessions, digging deep in depression (治疗课程 深度挖掘出抑郁的原因)
I got a life full of blessings, but this just breaks my ****ing heart (我的生活中满是福分 但这仍使我心碎不已)
At your birthday, couldn't even crack a smile (在你生日的时候 甚至都无法挤出一抹微笑)
I just cried and left the party, Neesh, I'll see you in a while (我只是哭着离开了派对 尼什 咱们待会儿见)
Headed to the mural, got some jerk wings and plantain (走向壁画 拿了一些碳烤鸡翅 还有香蕉)
‘Cause that is the way that me and you would celebrate it (因为这便为 你我庆祝的方式)

I never knew you touched the stuff, ‘cause you'd always bad me up (我未曾知晓你有碰这种东西 因为你总是使我恼怒)
You saw me more than drunk, you always hated what it does (你见我比从前更醉 你总是讨厌酒精)
Before Lyra I just stopped, I haven't even wanted one (在莱拉前 我刚停下 我还没想来一个)
I can't get over, this is ****ed, man I wished I'd known (我无法忍受 这太过糟糕 哥们 我希望我能早点知道)
And yo, we cried for nine nights in your family home (还有 哟 我们在你家门前 哭了整整九个晚上)
Laid you to rest in the ground but without a stone (将你埋葬于地底 以便你能安息 但并未竖碑)
You know it hits me most at moments, now when I'm alone (你知道 有时它最能打动我 如今当我孤身一人)
Every morning, I remember that you're really gone (每天清晨 都会想起 你已真的与世长辞)

‘Cause it's been a long night and I cry ‘cause I miss my brother (因为这是个漫长的夜 我啜泣不止 因我想念我的好兄弟)
You know for life, got your sis and mother (你一生中未曾忘记 世上还有你的姐姐和妈妈)
And day and night, it still hits that you're gone (每日每夜 我无时无刻 未曾忘记 你的离去)
And right now, I'm spilling tears in my cup (而此刻 我正将泪水 挥洒于杯中)
You left the world before you met Jupiter (在你遇见朱庇特前 便已离开了这个世界)
Wish you'd have known, you would be godfather (祈望你能知晓 你能够成为教父)
You would've loved loving my little girls (你也许会 爱着我的小女儿们)
If not for them, I'd be done with the world (倘若不是因为她们 那将会对这世界 感到绝望)
Was there two hours after you passed (在你离世两个小时后 我赶到了现场)
Speeding east to west, silent in the back of the car (从东向西 加速飞驰 在后座的我缄默不语)
Was at your mum's, there all week, trying to make sense but I can't (整一周都在你妈妈家 试图搞清状况 可我无法接受这一事实)

And although it's been a year, still feel the pain in my heart (虽已过去一年 但我仍能感受到 内心的苦痛)
‘Cause you were there from the start (因为你从开始 就与我相识)
The day we met, yeah I moved in and we were never apart (我们相遇的那天 我搬了进来 我们形影不离)
People assumed that we were lovers but we're brothers in arms (众人觉得我们是恋人关系 而我们只是手足情深)
Symbiotic bond of love and gave each other a chance, my god (用爱包裹的共生纽带 给了彼此一个机会 我的天啊)
Ah (啊)

**** sake, lately I've been crying so much, my lungs ache (真是悲痛不已 最近我痛哭流涕 肺部也因此刺痛)
Teardrops all over my shirt like blood stains (泪珠洒满我的衬衫 就如同血迹)
And I know to heal a heart, it must break (我也明白 接下来得治愈一颗心 而这必将破裂)
But I'm done praying (但我已虔诚祈祷)
They gave me a shovel at your burial and (他们在你的葬礼上 给了我一把铁铲)
Watching you get lowered is something I can't forget at all (眼看着你被放安放于地底 是我难以忘怀的事情)
And people find and stop me in the street and say it's terrible (人们在街上发现了我 并将我拦住 说这真是糟糕)
But they don't know you like I knew you and they never will (但他们并不像我那样 了解你的为人 他们永远不会)
No one saw the nights turn into day when we were battle rapping (当我们在说唱对决时 无人看见黑夜变成白昼的时刻)
No one saw the belly laugh, and every train to somewhere random (无人见到那捧腹大笑 搭乘火车后的目的地 均为随机)
No one saw the holidays, and then our first experience clubbing (无人看见那些假期 那时我们第一次尝试在酒吧玩耍)
No one knew the things you did for me and never asked for nothing (无人知晓你为我 付出的一切 并未曾要求任何)
No one read the conversations of the moves that we were planning (无人读过我们关于后续行动的对话)
No one knew about the way you felt the scene, left you abandoned (无人知晓你对这一场景的感受 将你弃之不理)
No one knew about your fears ‘cause you would hide them with a smile (无人知晓你的恐惧 因你会用微笑 将之隐藏)
No one knew when people took an inch, you would give 'em a mile (无人知晓 当人们为你迈出一尺 你会还给他们一英里)
‘Cause that was always Jamal, SB to the crowd (因为那总是珈昴的行为作风 对着人群回击)
They used to shout your net worth, but they don't mention it now (他们曾喊出你的净资产 但如今他们已不再提起)
They hear about your good deeds and infectious smile (他们听说了你的善行 还有那富有感染力的微笑)
A golden heart that's still remembered is worth more than a crown (一颗仍受人铭记 由金石镂出的内心 比王冠更有价值)
I promised sixty-four bars and now I keep it to Tanisha (我答应你 六十四个小节 而如今我将它留给了塔妮莎)
Mummy, Isaac, the gang, but I just wish that you'd seen it (母亲 艾萨克 还有那个帮派 可我唯独希望你能看到)
I can't accept that you're gone, or the grief that I'm feeling (我无法接受你的离去 以及我所感受到的悲伤)
I prayed to God for answers but he still won't give me a reason (我向上帝祈求一个答案 可他仍未给我理由)
I think about you every day, nothing will take this pain away (我每天都想念着你 没有什么能够消除这种痛苦)
I'll keep your legacy amazing, mate (我会将你的精神继承下去 伙计)
The conversations at your grave's the only way to be close (如今 在你坟墓上的谈话 是与你亲近唯一方式)
I know you'll greet me with a smile on the day that I go (我知道 我离世的那天 你定将微笑着 将我迎接)

‘Cause it's been a long night and I cry ‘cause I miss my brother (因为这是个漫长的夜 我啜泣不止 因我想念我的兄弟)
And for life, got your sis and mother (然后为了生活 因为还有你的姐姐和妈妈)
You know I cry ‘cause I miss my brother (你要知道 我哭是因为我想念我的兄弟)
My brother was SBTV (我的兄弟曾创建了SBTV)