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Devil's Work 2 - Joyner Lucas


Devil's Work 2 - Joyner Lucas

作曲 : Gary Lucas
Oh-oh, oh-oh
Ooh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Oh-oh, oh-oh
Ooh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Guess we gotta try this again (看来我们要再做一首“Devil’s Work”了)

Dear Lord, I know that we been here before (Yeah) (圣主啊 我知道我们以前曾来过这里)
It's been a long time, I hope that You don't slam the door (好久不见了 我希望你不要摔门而去)
I tried to walk away but there's some shit I can't ignore (我想转身离去 但有些事我无法忽视)
I could be wrong but seems like You don't even care no more (Facts) (我可能是错的 但似乎你根本不在乎)
'Cause since our last talk, You ain't playin' fair no more (Uh) (因为自从我们上次谈话之后 你便不再代表公平正义)
And when I pray, it kinda feel like You ain't there no more (当我祈祷时 感觉你已经不在我身边)
I still don't understand why niggas who deserve to die is livin' (我还是不明白为什么烂人还活在这世上)
But the ones who ain't deserve it isn't here no more (但那些本不该离开的人却永远离开了这个世界)
And, no, I don't want no one else to die (我不想看到其他人的生命消逝了)
Instead of tradin' souls, I got somethin' else in mind (Yeah) (与其出卖灵魂苟且偷生 我还有别的想法)
There's a lot of moments that I wish that I could change (有很多时刻我希望我能改变)
I could fix a lot of pain if You help me out this time (Joyner) (若你能助我一臂之力 我可以治愈很多痛苦)
Maybe we can undo all the damage, press rewind (也许我们可以及时止损 让时光机将时间回倒转过去)
Reset the clock and make it so some niggas never die (Yeah) (重置时间 确保传奇永不消逝)
And maybe fix all the mistakes of those who still alive and give them all a second try (Damn) (也许会为那些还活着的人修正所有的错误 给他们第二次机会)
Erase that Will Smith slap and turn him back around (把威尔史密斯在奥斯卡现场的打出那记耳光给收回去)
Or wait 'til they get backstage so they could have it out (Yeah) (或者等到他们到后台 他想怎么发泄怒火都行)
Or maybe make it so that Chris chose a different joke (Uh) (或者让Chris Rock不要开那种没品的玩笑了)
A different topic, somethin' Jada won't be mad about (Facts) (换一个不同的话题 讲些让Jada不会生气的事情)
Matter of fact, let's talk about the shit I'm sad about (事实上 我们还是谈谈那些让我难过的事吧)
When Pop Smoke accidentally leaked that address out (Pssh) (当Pop Smoke不小心泄露了他家的具体地址)
Lord, You know the streets crazy, how You dropped the ball (主啊 你看这条街上的人都疯狂了 您怎能犯下如此低级错误?)
When You know niggas keep a target on these rappers now? (Baow, baow, baow) (当你知道GANGSTER们现在都盯上这些说唱歌手了)
And give us Kobe Bryant back, we a mess without him (Uh) (让科比重返人间 没有他的日子里我们都糟透了)
Take back the day he ever stepped inside the helicopter (让时间倒回到他踏进直升机的那一天)
Make him take the car instead and forget the chopper (让他自己开车去 别坐那倒霉的直升机了)
Maybe take a different route or get a different driver (走不同的路线或者换一个司机都行)
Can't believe You took his daughter and she left behind him (真不敢相信你居然还带走了他女儿 空留瓦妮莎一人伤悲)
It's kinda hard to see the positive and that's the problem (这很难看到积极的一面 这就是问题所在)
I know You don't make mistakes but I was hopin' You'd erase that bullshit so his family won't be left without him (Yeah) (我知道你不会犯错 但我希望你能抹除那些悲剧 这样他的家人就不会失去他了)
And I wish I could fly to Russia on a different mission (我希望我能飞到俄罗斯执行不同的任务)
And make 'em pay for puttin' Brittney Griner into prison (Word) (让那些让Brittney Griner入狱的混蛋们付出代价)
Or maybe You could bring her back to February 17th (或者你能让时间倒回2月17号)
And You could take the CBD so she ain't flyin' with it (Yeah) (或者把那些指环物销毁 这样她就不会香消玉殒)
Or maybe change that nine years and give her nine minutes (Minutes) (或者给她九分钟的时间来改变这九年的悲剧)
Or better yet, change the laws so they could stop trippin' (Trippin') (或者更好的方法是修改法律 这样他们就可以停止**)
I know that's a lot to wish and it ain't my business (我知道我的愿望太多了 但这不关我的事)
But until You grant my wish, I ain't gon' stop wishin' (Ayy, ayy, ayy) (但直到你满足我的愿望 我才会停止不断对未来抱有希望)
But Lord, listen, this shit urkin' me (Me) (但是主啊 你听我说 这一场场的悲剧将我折磨到身心俱疲)
How You take PNB? That shit absurd to me (Why You do that shit?) (你为什么还带走Pnb Rock?这简直太荒谬了!)
So many questions 'bout that shit and it's disturbin' me (Word) (有那么多的问题困扰着我)
Like niggas can't eat waffles without security? (Security) (我们还能不能在没有保安的情况下尽情吃华夫饼?(Pnb Rock的出事地点在华夫饼餐馆))
And niggas can't work hard and go buy some jewelry? (Jewelry) (我们就不能努力工作买点珠宝吗?)
That one hurt to see (Damn) (哪怕是只看一眼也无妨)
And by the end of the song, they gon' try to murder me (在这首歌结束的时候 他们会想要谋鲨我)
And if they do, I hope my fans take it personally (如果他们真的这么做了 我希望我的粉丝们能把这首歌当成是针对他们的)
I know You hear me talkin', Lord, don't be curvin' me (我知道你在听我说话 主啊 请不要曲解我的本意)
Won't You take us back to Kylie Jenner's party (Pssh) (你能带我们回到Kylie Jenner的派对吗(Tory Lanez的案件就发生在这排队上))
Before them shots hit the floor (Baow, baow) (在子弹击中地板之前)
Before the bullets ricocheted and leave a drippin' mall (在铁雨倾泻进珠宝卖场之前)
We don't know the truth or if we misinformed (我们不知道真相 或者我们被误导了)
But either way, take it back and make Tory hop inside a different car (Word) (但不管怎样 我希望时光能倒流 让Tory Lanez坐上另一辆车)
Broke my heart when DMX died, that hit the core (DMX离世时我的心都碎了)
Feel like that nigga was an angel in a different form (感觉他就是另一种形式的天使)
Might've had a drug problem like he did before (可能和以前一样有药物的问题)
But he was fightin' demons and I know that that's a different war (That's a different war) (但是他一直在与恶魔抗争 我知道这是场与众不同的战争)
Mm, You must got a major ego (额 你肯定是有很强的自我意识吧)
I ain't tryna disrespect or tryna play the hero (Nah) (我不是想要对谁不敬 也不是想要逞英雄)
But when You took Takeoff, You took my favorite Migos (但当你把Takeoff从这个世界带走的时候 我最喜欢的Migos也被你带走了)
Look, I don't know how that make sense 'cause it make zero (None) (我不知道这有什么意义 因为这根本就无济于事)
And **** a wrong place, wrong time, that ain't G though (在错误的地点错误的时间 我也不是什么狠人)
Took that man right in his prime, that's plain evil (Pssh) (在他人生的巅峰时期 将他从人世带离 这难道还不是一种邪恶吗?)
When Tommy Lister died I cried and played CeeLo (Word) (当Tom Lister去世的时候我痛哭不止 播放起CeeLo Green的歌)
'Cause I can't even watch Friday without sayin', "Deebo" (Facts, uh) (因为我看《星期五》的时候都会说"Deebo"(电影《星期五》中由Tom Lister饰演))
You know this shit got me stressed, right? (Yeah) (你知道这事让我压力很大 对吧)
Starin' at the Bible, tryna figure out who's next like (我盯着圣经 想知道下一个被带走的会是谁)
Why You take the ones who ain't deserve to see what death like? (Huh?) (为什么你要带走那些不该过早看到死亡的人?)
Meanwhile 6ix9ine free, livin' his best life (Huh?) (与此同时某位自称“纽约之王”的rapper被释放之后却过得悠哉游哉)
Go back to the day that he took the stand and confessed, right (真想让时光机倒流 回到他出庭坦白的那天)
Tape his mouth shut so he never talk to the feds like (用胶带封住他的嘴 这样他就不会告密了)
Make him do his time so his niggas gotta do less, right (让他去服刑 这样他的兄弟们也不会遭他连累)
Make him learn from Bobby so he can know what respect like (让他向Bobby Shmurda好好学习 让他知道什么是尊重)
Lord, forgive me for my language and these bad words (主啊 请原谅我的情绪有些激动)
But that Candace Owens bitch get on my last nerve (但是这一桩桩破事属实把我逼疯了)
How You gon' tell me that what we witnessed on TV wasn't murder when we watched niggas turn his ass into Casper? (Ayy) (你怎么能告诉我 当黑人被白人压在膝下时 我们看到的不是谋鲨?)
George died from asphyxiation and that's a factor (George Floyd死于窒息 这是一个因素)
Fentanyl or not, he'd had never died and his last words were, "I cannot breathe" (不管有没有芬泰妮 这都不是他的真正死因 因为他的最后一句话是“I CAN’T BREATHE!!!!!!!”)
So really she gotta chill or maybe they should trade places so she could see how it feel (Burn, for real) (所以她真的要冷静下来 或者也许他们应该交换位置 这样她就能看到那是什么感觉)
Lil' bitch got me stressed, God (Yeah) (天啊 这小妞让我倍感压力)
Probably not prepared for what I'm askin' next, God (Uh) (你可能还没准备好答复我接下来的要求)
Bring Ye momma back 'cause he a mess, God (把Donda女士带回人间吧 因为Kanye现在已经是臭名狼藉)
And he ain't been the same ever since Donda West died (自从Donda女士去世以后 她就像变了个人)
Yeah, that's the day Kanye West died (这就是过去的Kanye West不复存在的那天)
First his heart, then his mind, then the rest died (先是他的心脏 然后是他的思想 最后完完全全成了一具行尸走肉)
And if your bank account is overkill, your soul could be broken still (如果你的银行存款过多 你的灵魂可能还会破碎)
Even a rich spirit money can't buy (Uh) (离金钱完全买不到的“精神富裕”越来越远)
I pray that Heavens watch me (Ayy) (我祈祷上天保佑我)
Rest in peace Biz Markie, you got peace (Peace) (安息吧Biz Markie 你最终得到了安宁)
Young Dolph, King Von, Drakeo, top three (Three) (安息吧 Young Dolph King Von Drakeo The Ruler)
Black Rob, Trouble, Virgil and Shock G (Ayy) (安息吧 Black Rob Trouble Virgil Shock G)
Pat Stay, Kay Slay and Fred the God, geesh (安息吧 Pat Stay DJ Kay Slay Fred The Godson)
Almost took Lil Tjay but I'm happy he godly (你又差点要去了Lil Tjay的命 但我很高兴他足够很虔诚)
Lord, You even took Black Panther, that's not G (主啊 你又带走了Chadwick Boseman 这真的糟透了)
And when Sidhu Moose Wala got shot that shot me (I'm free) (当Sidhu Moose Wala又中鎗时我被震惊到(Sidhu Moose Wala:已故印度说唱歌手))
Beggin' for Your guidance on this ghetto earth (在这个贫民窟一般的地球上乞求你的指引)
Frustrated, tryna understand how Heaven works (Heaven works) (我沮丧无比 试图了解天堂如何运作)
I'm just hopin' You could pull a couple strings or redo a couple things so maybe we could get a second turn (Second turn) (我只是希望你能及时止损或者重新来过 这样也许我们能有第二次转机)
You took Juice from us, that forever hurts (Forever hurts) (你从我们身边夺走了Juice WRLD 这将是我们永远的痛)
But puttin' the blame on You, that'll never work (Never work) (但把责任都推到你身上是行不通的)
I know this ain't Your fault, it's the devil's work (Devil's work) (我知道这不是你的错 这都是恶魔犯下的罪孽)
Devil's work (Devil's work) (这都是恶魔犯下的罪孽)