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作词 : Tommee Profitt/NF
作曲 : Tommee Profitt/NF
Hope I'm on my way I'm coming (希望 我在找寻你的路上 我来了)
Don't, don't lose faith in me (请不要对我失去信心)
I know you've been waiting (我知道你一直在等待)
I know you've been praying for my soul (我知道你一直在为我的灵魂祈祷)
Hope, hope (“希望”)

30 years you've been draggin' your feet telling me I'm the reason we're stagnant (30年来 你一直在拖延时间 然后你告诉我 是我的自身原因让一切都停滞不前)
30 years you've been claiming you're honest and promising progress, well where's it at? (30年来 你一直声称自己很诚实 能获得很大进步 现在你的现况又是如何呢?)
I don't want you to feel like a failure (我不想让你觉得自己很失败)
I know this hurts (我知道这会伤你的心)
But I gave you your chance to deliver (但我曾给过你兑现诺言的机会)
Now it's my turn (现在轮到我了)

Don't get me wrong (不要误会我的意思)
(Nate you've had a great run) (“Nate 你已经很成功了”)
But it's time to (但现在是时候)
(Give the people something different) (“展现给人们一些不同的东西了”)
So without further ado I'd (废话不多说)
Like to introduce my (我来介绍一下)
My album, my album, my album, my album, my album, my album (我即将到来的新专辑)

What's my definition of success? (我对成功的定义是什么?)
Listening to what your heart says (倾听你心中所想)
Standing up for what you know is (你坚持做着自己认为正确的事情)
Right while everybody else is (当别人都在)
Tucking their tail between their legs (夹着他们的尾巴逃走的时候)

What's my definition of success? (我对成功的定义是什么?)
Creating something no one else can (是创造别人做不到的东西)
Being brave enough to dream big (敢于去追求梦想)
Grinding when you're told to just quit (当你被告知要放弃的时候 你会感到痛苦)
Giving more when you got nothin' left (当你一无所有的时候 你会付出更多)
It's a person that'll take a chance on (这是一个愿意冒险的人)
Something they were told could never happen (他们将被告知 这奇迹永远不会发生)
It's a person that can see the bright side (这是一个善于观察到某些事物光明面的人)
Through the dark times when there ain't one (在没有人陪伴的至暗时期)
It's when someone who ain't never had nothing (一个一无所有的人)
Ain't afraid to walk away from (从不怕放弃更多的利润)
More profit 'cause they'd rather do something that they really love and take the pay cut (因为他们宁愿做自己真正喜欢的事情 也愿意接受减薪)

It's person that would never waver (这是一个永远不会动摇)
Or change who (和改变自己立场的人)
They are just to try and gain some (他们只是想要得到一些)
Credibility so they can feel accepted by a stranger (信任 让他们感觉到能被陌生人接受)
It's a person that can take the failures in their life and turn 'em into motivation (这是一个能把生活中的失败转化为前进动力的人)
It's believing in yourself when no one else does it's amazing (在别人都不相信你的时候 你选择相信自己 这本就是很神奇的一件事情)
What a little bit of faith can do (你会好奇 一点点信念能做什么)
If you don't even believe in you (如果你连自己都不相信自己)
Why would you think or expect anybody else that's around you to (你凭什么会认为 或者期望你周围的人会相信你?)
I done did things that I regret (我做过让我后悔的事)
I done said things I can't take back (我说过无法收回的话)
Was a lost soul at a crossroad who had no hope but I changed that (曾经成为了一个在人生的十字路口失去希望的灵魂 但我靠一己之力改变了这一切)

I spent years of my life holding on to things (我花了好几年的时间去明白一些道理)
I never should kept full of hatred (我永远不应该充满仇恨)
Years of my life carrying a lot of baggage (多年来 我思想上一直背负着沉重的包袱)
That I should've walked away from (我本应该一走了之的)
Years of my life wishin' I was someone different (多年来我都希望 我是另一个不同的自己)
Lookin' for some validation (想要得到世人的认可)
Years of my life trying to fill a void pretending I was they get it (我花了这么多年来填补空虚 假装我自己是他们了解的人)

Growing pain's a necessary evil (成长的痛苦是不可避免的邪恶)
Difficult to go through yes but beneficial (经历的过程甚是艰难 但是会让你受益匪浅)
Some would say having a mental breakdown is a (有人会说精神崩溃是)
Negative thing which on one hand I agree but (个消极的事情 这方面我赞成 但是另一方面)
On the other hand it was the push I needed (这恰恰是我进步所需要的推动力)
To get help and start the healing process see (是我寻求帮助和开始自我愈合过程中所需要的)
If l'da never hit rocket bottom would I be the person that I am today I don't believe (如果我之前从未跌落低谷 那我绝对不会是今天的我)
So I'm a prime example of happens when you (所以我自己就是一个典型的例子)
Choose to not accept defeat and face your demons (选择不接受失败 选择不认命 直面内心的恶魔)
Took me 30 years to realize that if you wanna get the opportunity (我花了整整30年才意识到 如果你想要得到机会)
To be the greatest version of yourself sometimes (成为那个最好的自己)
You gotta be someone you're not to hear the voice of reason (有时你必须得成为那个不只是听从理性的人)
Having kids will make you really take a step back and look in the mirror at least for me that's what it did (初为人父会让你真正后退一步 看看镜子 至少对我来说事情确实是这样)

I wake up every day and pick my son up (我每天醒来都去接我儿子)
Hold him in my arms and let him know he's loved (loved) (把他拥入怀中 让他知道父爱永远在他身边)
Standing by the window questioning if dad is ever going to show up (up) (他站在窗边问爸爸是否会出现)
Isn't something he's gon' have to worry bout (这不是他需要担心的事)
Don't get it twisted that wasn't a shot (不要误会我的意思 我并没有指责往事)
Mamma I forgive you I just don't want him to (妈妈我原谅你了 我只是不想让他)
Grow up thinking that he'll never be enough (长大后觉得自己人生中有了永远的缺憾)

30 years of running (30年的奔走)
30 years of searching (30年的寻找)
30 years of hurting (30年的伤痛)
30 years of pain (30年的痛苦)
30 years of fearful (30年的恐惧)
30 years of anger (30年的愤怒)
30 years of empty (30年的空虚)
30 years of shame (30年的羞耻)
30 years of broken (30年的破碎)
30 years of anguish (30年的苦恼)
30 years of hopeless (30年的绝望)
30 years of (hey) (30年的——(嘿))
30 years of never (30年的不认命)
30 years of maybe (30年的可能)
30 years of later (30年的以后)
30 years of fake (30年的虚假)
30 years of hollow (30年的空虚)
30 years of sorrow (30年的悲伤)
30 years of darkness (30年的黑暗)
30 years of (Nate) (30岁的Nate)
30 years of baggage (30年的行李)
30 years of sadness (30年的伤痛)
30 years of stagnant (30年的停滞)
30 years of chains (30年的枷锁)
30 years of anxious (30年的焦虑)
30 years of suffering (30年的苦难)
30 years of torment (30年的折磨)
30 years of (wait) (30年的等待)
30 years of bitter (30年的苦海)
30 years of lonely (30年的孤独)
30 years of pushing everyone away (30年来 一直将所有人拒之于心门外)

You'll never evolve (你永远不会进化)
(I know I can change) (“我知道我可以改变”)
We are not enough (我们还不够)
(We are not the same) (“你我并不相同”)
You don't have the heart (你根本没有坚毅之心)
(You don't have the strength) (“你没有力量”)
You don't have the will (“你没有意志”)
You don't have the faith) (“你没有信仰”)
You'll never be loved (你永远不会被爱)
You'll never be safe (你永远不会安全)
Might as well give up (不如放弃吧)
(Not running away) (“我没有在逃避”)
You don't have the guts (你没这个胆量)
(You're the one afraid) (“你才是那个胆小之辈”)
I'm the one in charge (我就是新的掌权者)
I'm taking the (NO) (我要继承——)
I'm taking the reins... (我要继承王位...)